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 Who we are
“Our team is a deliberately interdisciplinary mix. We are proud to offer proven experts in the fields of organizational dynamics, communications and psychology, all with extensive managerial experience.“
There are no junior consultants or associates at BRIDGEBRAIN, only senior partners with managerial and operational backgrounds, and profound methodological expertise. All of us have ‘walked the talk’ and possess hard-won experience about the battles that sometimes must be fought to drive change. 

Our own insatiable curiosity brings us into constant dialog with academics, designers and artists, and helps stretch our knowledge and imaginations. We watch start-ups to keep our thinking fresh. We are just as proud to work for mid-sized and large companies (such as Nespresso) as we are to support non-profit organizations (like the European School of Management andTechnology in Berlin). Moreover, we recognize the similarities and differences among all these different types of organizations. We may not be the cheapest, but we are always a wise investment.
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts:
Our Cooperation Partners
Every Mobilization process is different and often requires specific expertise and competencies. In order to meet these individual equirements. we bring in the full power of the BridgeBrain network. Our cooperation partners do not only excel in the respective fields of expertise - they share our passion for mobilization.

For more than 25 years, INTES has been advising and qualifying owners and their families, successors, executives, and advisory boards. INTES provides guidance, builds sustainable networks, delivers exclusive insights, and creates special experiences. All of us BridgeBrains, are very proud to be a valued partner of the INTES network, working together with INTES to further strengthen family businesses.

The Witten Institute for Family Business (WIFU) makes an important contribution to the development of Family Businesses in Germany and has a leading position in that field in Europe.
WIFU and BridgeBrain jointly published in that area of expertise and combine their strengths in the fields of organizational development in family business contexts.

Digital collaboration of modern teams in combination with business processes - that's the world of generativ:
BridgeBrain and generativ: cooperate whenever the strategic development of an organization can be supported by optimized business processes and digital solutions.

TheProfessionals Academy is a market intelligence platform for the packaging industry. In addition to market research activities and consulting, the academy offers different formats that foster exchange about industry and family business related topics at eye level.
BridgeBrain and Professionals Academy collaborate especially in the fields of General Management and Organizational Development. Both companies share a strong passion and experience in working with family businesses.

NOHETO! means: let's get started and it is exactly this "let's get things done" attitude that characterizes our cooperation partner NOHETO!.
Jointly with BridgeBrain, NOHETO! has developed great digital programs that strongly support the success of transformation processes and allow for the active involvement of all employees of a company. NOHETO! and BridgeBrain are not only twins with regards to their passion for transformation but share common values.

It is common knowledge that  design is very important for the success of nearly any product. That design know how is equally important for services and working processes is far less known. Jointly designing services and processes that mobilize people and companies is the mission of service works.
And this is exactly the context in which BridgeBrain and service works join forces.

Talking is the New Normal and communication is more important than ever - especially in working contexts. This is the joint conviction of the TalkTalks and BridgeBrain. The TalkTalks are unrivaled in their ability to bring in color and energy in communication and therefore perfectly complement BridgeBrain in this very important field .

Healthcare Sellution (HCS) are experts for consumer healthcare strategy and implementation. BridgeBrain and HCS are a perfect match , whenever a strategic challenge in the healthcare sector requires the combination of expertise in the areas of sales-, marketing and organizational development at the same time. We also complement each other so perfectly because of our shared passion for implementation and tangible results.

Creating spaces, showing perspectives, and making decisions are the building blocks of "Element of Leadership," which is what H2L stands for. The experienced H2L team complements us in the field of HR structures and processes, and they understand how to actively involve the works councils in transformation processes. H2L's driving force is to support their clients in achieving competitiveness and successful market positioning. We share this driving force as BridgeBrain!