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 Who we are
“Our team is a deliberately interdisciplinary mix. We are proud to offer proven experts in the fields of organizational dynamics, communications and psychology, all with extensive managerial experience.“
There are no junior consultants or associates at BRIDGEBRAIN, only senior partners with managerial and operational backgrounds, and profound methodological expertise. All of us have ‘walked the talk’ and possess hard-won experience about the battles that sometimes must be fought to drive change. 

Our own insatiable curiosity brings us into constant dialog with academics, designers and artists, and helps stretch our knowledge and imaginations. We watch start-ups to keep our thinking fresh. We are just as proud to work for mid-sized and large companies (such as Nespresso) as we are to support non-profit organizations (like the European School of Management andTechnology in Berlin). Moreover, we recognize the similarities and differences among all these different types of organizations. We may not be the cheapest, but we are always a wise investment.