Our Vision

People work better in
values-led organizations
The majority of our lives are spent at the workplace. Yet we are allhappier and more effective, and the business functions better, when the goalsof the organization are in harmony with the values and needs of its workers.This is why values-led really means: values focused!
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Our Mission

Mobilizing Your
The modern world rewards organizations that can react agilely to changing conditions. This ability is made, not born. People are more willing to internalize changes when they understand not just what is expected of them, but why. And that requires mobilizing the members of an organization and moving them to action.
Change initiatives that fail to engage emotions are destined to fail. Think about any successful political campaign. Do you believe that Martin Luther King Jr. would have won so many hearts and minds if he’d just sent out a memo with a dry, rational plan? Probably not...
We lay the groundwork that makes mobilization possible — through creativity, rationality and empathy.
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Our Approach

Bridgebrain’s ultimate goal is to support organizations in developingtheir own self-regulation skills. We’re most satisfied when our services are nolonger needed. It’s a sign that we’ve succeeded! Why self-regulate? Becausethe ability to adapt as an organization, from the collective level down to theindividual, is a decisive competitive advantage. The market changes constantly,as do the needs of the customer and the expectations of.
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What distinguishes values-led organizations?

These organizations are dedicated to long-term financial success and orient themselves toward their core values. Beyond this, they make an enduring contribution to society beyond the purely financial. Values-led organization sad just flexibly as market conditions or societal expectations evolve.   

Values-led organizations recognize that ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ factors must be brought into balance. People in these organizations believe in the value of their work and seek a clearer understanding of what needs to be done. They perceive the formulated goals, strategies and core values as more than just business as usual, but rather personal calls to action. They have a dream, and they have a plan. And they’ll do everything in their power to make them succeed. 
Values-led organizations pursue a meaningful, inspiring vision and asustainable strategy. They learn from mistakes and seek to improve every day! 
Values-led-organizations treat people with respect, not as resources.Appreciation, joy, dedication, authenticity and attentiveness are all livedvalues; the ability to adjust and react flexibly are, by contrast, decisivecore competencies!
Managers at values-led organizations work to ensure that theorganizational goals, overarching conditions and responsibilities andcompetencies of the people involved all harmonize.