Prof. Dr. Marcus Majumdar

Holistic organizational development aligns corporate structure and culture and involves the entire organization in change processes in a dynamic manner.

Marcus Majumdar (1970) is an expert in integrated management systems and comprehensive organizational development. As a master excellence assessor for the Ludwig Erhard Prize (since 2007), Marcus Majumdar stands for a systemic, balanced and sustainable management approach. Mobilizing and strategically aligning the entire organization is only possible with a senior management that develops sustainable change designs, inspiringly communicates key issues and involves people in a meaningful way. Marcus Majumdar has found fulfillment during the last 20 years in accompanying senior executives through this process.

In addition to his consulting role at BridgeBrain, he is a professor in business administration/public management at the university of applied sciences of the Police Baden-Württemberg. Prior to that, he worked for six years at the Freiburg regional government:  First as head of the school crisis intervention team (responsible for over 1,000 schools) and the subsequent 4 years as a member of the management team and process owner with responsibility for organizational and strategy development.

Over a period of 8 years, he trained around 3,000 managers of the police force of Baden-Württemberg , was a member of the state-wide strategic BSC committee and was the internal change consultant for the most comprehensive police reform in the German-speaking world to date. As an external management consultant, he assisted in carrying out worldwide employee surveys.

Marcus Majumdar graduated in psychology with a focus on work and organizational psychology and holds a doctorate in socio-technical system analysis and design in doctors’ practices. His diploma thesis (1999) was the first German-language evaluation study on MBSR-based mindfulness meditation and was awarded the highest endowed German naturopathy prize at the time.

Marcus Majumdar is married and father of two sons. He enjoys traveling with his family and practicing realistic self-defence. Thereby he regularly experiences that theory, technique and strategy can only be successful – when  under high stress – if they are underpinned by a suitable mindset and principles that can be applied flexibly.

  • Visionary
  • Designer
  • Organizer
  • Facilitator
  • Coach
  • Campaigner