Dr. Barbara Hölschen

Barbara Hölschen (1975) is an expert in the interfaces between people, spaces and corporate identities. For more than 15 years, she has studied and created room concepts, atmospheres and experiences that touch and inspire people, and bring them closer to the companies’ DNA.

She is convinced that such spaces are very useful in nurturing the identification of co-workers and customers with a company. Especially during processes of change, room concepts combined with sensitive communication express more than ten glossy brochures or events.

In addition to her work for BRIDGEBRAIN, Barbara Hölschen is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the company Startphase, where she advises her clients in the early planning phases of unique brand museums, leisure parks, hotels or office complexes. Indeed, all kinds of communication rooms and spaces, where people can get together, feel comfortable and experience extraordinary things.

With her background and her extensive experience in creating concepts, as manager, advisor, trainer and facilitator, Barbara Hölschen unites substantial and strategic positioning of people and brands with emotional intelligence. She supports family businesses, public administrations as well as medium and large-scale enterprises in the development of their communication rooms to enable sustainable relationships and sympathetic communication.

Strategic and visionary thinking – with her eyes on the future – alongside long-term experience as an empathic senior manager in the pharmaceutical and sports industries, are Barbara Hölschen’s strengths. Her experience in working for agencies complete her profile and show that she knows businesses inside-out and outside-in and how to use this knowledge in advising her clients.

When she is not travelling throughout Europe, Barbara Hölschen lives in sunny Wiesbaden with her husband and loves singing in a choir and practising ventriloquism. She enjoys improvisational theatre and creating new paths through her garden.

  • Visionary
  • Designer
  • Organizer
  • Facilitator
  • Coach
  • Campaigner